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If they failed to respond, police would "presume" they wanted the complaint withdrawn. The complaints related to offences including assault, burglary, stealing and wilful damage. "Our analysis of statewide crime statistics indicates that the inappropriate practices and attitudes doctor home loan rate Oak Laurel 0430129662 identified on the Gold Coast regarding changes to crime data are unlikely to be isolated to that district," the report Neurologist mortgage stated. AAP Image/Dave Hunt Members of the Queensland Police Service march during a capability demonstration at the Queensland Police Service Academy in Brisbane. Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan told the ABC inappropriate police conduct would be investigated. "I would say to anyone who feels like they've been inappropriately contacted by police to let us know. There is a complaints process," he said. "We expect the highest standards, the very highest standards from our Queensland police. "If there are shortcomings in those behaviours in respect of any aspect of their role, then those shortcomings will be investigated and we will hold those officers to the highest standards." The latest QPS crime figures reveal the rates of assault, fraud, robbery and unlawful entry on the Gold Coast in 2016 rose from the year before. Police detective turned criminologist Terry Goldsworthy believes the concerns raised by the auditor-general should be referred to the state's Crime and Corruption Commission. "It's not just the fact it's sloppy bookkeeping.

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